Stewardship for the Permit Process

John Lyle & Associates provides unrivaled permit expediting and construction regulatory consulting for a range of required commercial construction approvals in Chicago. Our services are tailored to support key members of any commercial construction/design team – Architects, Contractors, Property Managers, as well as Developers and Construction Managers.

Submittals include:

• Standard Process• Self-Certification
• Developer Services• Driveways
• CDOT• Planning
• Landscape• Environmental
• Mag Locks •  Signage
• Health Department• Landmarks
•  Solar Panels • OUC

Services provided include:

• Correction/Comment Coordination• Code Consulting
• Submittal Preparation• Ancillary Submittal Coordination
• Meeting Management • Permit Pick-up / Fee Verification
• Submittal Tracking• Pre-submittal Guidance
•  Alternate Code Approval Requests •  Status Reports

Municipal requirements are rapidly changing. JLA Chicago monitors procedural and administrative changes on a daily basis to offer clients a competitive advantage.

Whether it is an online submittal or a sidewalk closure, John Lyle & Associates has the experience and expertise to recognize potential impediments and coordinate solutions to save you time and money.